Custom oil paintings of your favorite political candidate
by Ron Keas
For the past six years I have done political art for the Democratic Party.  My paintings of Republicans have, up until now, been satirical, but now, with the Presidential election coming up, I am offering to do custom oil paintings of your favorite candidate, whether the candidate is Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian.  I will work with your ideas of poses and backgrounds that best define the ideals of your candidate.  The paintings can be hung in your home, or in campaign headquarters.  Included with your painting will be a high resolution digital photo of your painting that you can use to make prints, posters, or other campaign related items.   email me to discuss sizes and prices.  I look forward to doing my best work for you.


Ron Keas has painted more oil portraits of President Obama than any other artist in the World.  His paintings were shown in Denver during the Democratic National Convention.   Two of his Obama paintings were printed on the front page of the New York Times, and published by many newspapers and magazines around the world.  His painting of the First Family appeared in the Diversity Inauguration Calendar. Three of his President Obama paintings are featured in the Shepard Fairey book "Art For Obama."  Ron continues to do paintings of President Obama in this his 2nd term in office.

"Ron Keas' Obama Paintings Make Us Proud To Be American" 
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"Recently I received a personal thank you letter from President Obama for my paintings in support of his Presidency." 
- Ron Keas


"Free at Last"


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Ron Keas
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Keas Gallery Phone - 707-274-8786

Skip Andrews  ? DECLARED
Kerry Bowers  ? DECLARED
Dr. Ben Carson  ? EXPLORING
Dale Christensen  ? DECLARED
Chris Christie  ? EXPLORING
Ted Cruz  ? DECLARED
John Dummett, Jr.  ? DECLARED
Bob Ehrlich
Mark Everson  ? DECLARED
Carly Fiorina
Lindsey Graham  ? EXPLORING
Chris Hill  ? DECLARED
Mike Huckabee
Bobby Jindal
John Kasich
Peter King
Michael Kinlaw  ? DECLARED
George Pataki  ? EXPLORING
Rand Paul  ? DECLARED
Rick Perry  ? EXPLORING
Michael Petyo  ? DECLARED
Marco Rubio  ? PROBABLE
Brian Russell  ? DECLARED
Rick Santorum  ? EXPLORING
Rick Snyder
Donald Trump  ? EXPLORING
Scott Walker  ? EXPLORING

Hillary Clinton

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